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CreatorSEO is a different kind of SEO consulting firm. Our aim is to give you superior SEO consulting services and then to provide you with the right tools so that you can manage your own SEO. We are currently providing SEO consulting services are a broad range of customers in Ireland: Dublin, Clare, Limerick, Galway and Cork.


Let us help you with your SEO campaigns:

  • Marketing and market review Return to SEO Toolbox
  • Identification of the search key words/phrases that will increase traffic to your site
  • An assessment of your competition
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SEO consulting services:

Detailed below, is a brief outline the search engine optimization (SEO) services that we can provide. Feel free to contact us with any questions or if you have a specific SEO consultancy requirement.

On-page optimization
On-page optimization of website pages includes optimizing title tags, meta description tags, meta keyword and phrases tags, alt tag inclusions, anchor text review, search engine friendly website design, links analysis, site map review and SEO content copywriting.

Competitor research
Competitor anaysis can be carried out on the overall rankings for your defined keywords/phrases. Competitor sites can be researched to understand why their rankings maybe better than yours. Changes to your site can be identified to outrank your competition.

Key word/phrase research
What are the keywords/phrases that your customers use? One of the most important steps in SEO services is to ensure you are aware of the keyword phrases that are relevant to your business. It is critically important that you are aware of the keywords/phrases that are currently being searched for. Our SEO consultants will find the search keywords and phrases that your target audience is using.

SEO copywriting
We can help you to strategically include your keywords  and phrases into the content of your website: the content needs to be easy to read by both search engines and your customers.

Link building
Our SEO services include the essential element of link building. Link building is the process of building backlinks (links from other sites to your site) to your site. The more backlinks a site has, the higher it ranks on the search engines. Link building involves researching your market to find permanent relevant links that are 'relevant' and will drive targeted traffic to your site.

SEO training
In addition to our SEO consultancy services and development of easy-to-use SEO tools, we also SEO training. The SEO training provides you with the capabilities to manage your site's search engine optimization. Visit our SEO Training page for more details.

SEO outsourcing
Many companies outsource their SEO and search marketing services.  At CreatorSEO, we provide outsourcing services for all aspects of search engine optimization.

SEO analysis and reporting
At CreatorSEO, we also provide SEO reporting/ site ranking reports for any website. These provide analysis of your SEO activities and identification of areas that need to be addressed.

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SEO Software Tools: Agents

We are actively looking to appoint sales agents for our SEO Software Tools in the following countries:
  • Australia : Syndey
  • Ireland : Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick
  • UK : London, Manchester, Birmingham
  • USA : New York, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle
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