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Do you need SEO in Ireland?

Do you need to optimise your website for top ranking in Ireland? Would you like to work with an established SEO company based in Ireland that has a proven track-record for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), understands the Market in Ireland and bases success on measured results? Would you like to work with a company that works closely with you to meet and exceed your SEO needs? Do you want SEO services that are measureable, transparent and tailored to your particular business?

…then CreatorSEO Ireland is the SEO company for you.

CreatorSEO™ is a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Internet marketing (SEM) company based in Ireland. We understand the importance of improving your site ranking to ensure that you are found on the web. We also understand the complexity of achieving the highest possible ranking and and the need to tailor your SEO implementation for your particular marketplace in Ireland.

We apply our knowledge of the Irish marketplace to develop an SEO implementation strategy that is best suited to our clients in Ireland. Our SEO Ireland experts focus on the latest search engine technology and relate this to our customers’ competitive position on the internet.

We provide SEO advice, training and consulting to companies throughout Ireland and adopt an approach that allows these clients to manage their SEO campaigns and improve their ranking on all major search engines.

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In the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) field is very important to keep up with the ongoing changes and improvements to search engine algorithms (ref. Webmaster Blog August). Keeping on top of of these technical changes and responding quickly to these search engine algorithm changes is key to achieving and maintaining top search engine ranking scores. We have dedicated experts whos job is to be aware of any changes and to apply these to our clients’ websites sites in the most appropriate way.

Our local knowledge of businesses and trends in Ireland, coupled with our knowledge on search engine technology makes us your ideal first choice for promoting your business throught Ireland and internationally.

At CreatorSEO™ we have used our SEO knowledge to develop an integrated set of Search Engine Optimisation tools and are the only company in Ireland that can offer proprietary search engine optimisation tools for improving and monitoring your website. Consequently, our clients benefit from our SEO knowledge and tools in a way that no other SEO companies in Ireland can match. We provide a complimentary sample of our SEO tools for you to try out on our website.  You can use these to test your web site or to monitor a current SEO improvement program but please be aware that these free tools demonstrate only a small sample of the available tools in the full application.

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Enterprise Ireland Approved

Enterprise Ireland (EI) are a government funded organisation that works with companies in Ireland to grow their businesses and win export sales on global markets. EI are aware of the tremendous value of Internet Marketing and SEO to help companies grow and expand into global markets. A grant is available to EI clients in Ireland to help cover the costs of Internet Marketing and SEO.

CreatorSEO™ is an Enterprise Ireland approved and recommended Internet Marketing company and is on the Enterprise Ireland panel of ICT / eBusiness Trainers and Advisors.

Contact us if you are a company in Ireland and would like to find out about whether you are eligible for a grant for Internet Marketing and SEO ….

Enterprise Ireland


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CreatorSEO™ have worked with clients from a wide range of industry sectors in Ireland and have demonstrated considerable success in SEO results for these clients and business sectors. A number of high profile SEO Ireland clients and have enjoyed successes in a wide range of industries. Our main objective is to provide search engine optimisation and web marketing advice in all areas of your internet marketing strategy.

Our clients range from small startup companies to large well established multinational corporations.

Our SEO Ireland offices are located in Dublin and in Limerick but we offer our SEO services to companies located anywhere in Ireland and currently are working with clients in Galway, Cork, Ennis and Tipperary.

CreatorSEO™ SEO Software

Our SEO software, and our continual monitoring of trends and changes in Search Engine Optimisation technology makes us the leader in technical search engine optimisation and Internet marketing in Ireland.

CreatorSEO™ has developed a proprietary set of easy-to-use SEO tools that allows you to:

  • Identify site improvement areas for SEO
  • Monitor SEO on your own site and react to changes
  • Analyse and beat your competition

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CreatorSEO™ is an Irish SEO company that delivers exceptional search engine optimisation results while making the entire optimisation process transparent and easy for our SEO Ireland clients.

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